Friday, 22 March 2013

Kalasha awards and after.....

It's been a week since the Inner Wheel Bangalore West gave the "Kalasha" awards. They are given to Women of Substance to celebrate Women's Day! This award honors and recognizes achievements and contribution of women. A brain child of former President, Inner Wheel, West, Mrs. Seetha, this is an honor bestowed since 13 years! Loved what she spoke about the award! She mentioned how women work without getting due recognition, how in the old days, it was not thought appropriate to praise good work! How she felt good when some of her contribution was recognized! So true, it's a norm to not mention achievements, that's how we grow up. Achievements are expected to be part of life, just there, not to be celebrated! I felt awkward getting the award. And here's why!

 There were 3 awardees, one Mrs. Prashantha who has been working the field of Visual impairment and providing housing and jobs for girls with visual impairment, Mrs. Hema Srinivas, founder of the Saranga Trust, working in the educational sector for underprivileged children and me. Both women were around and doing work for at least 3 decades! Did I deserve to be on the same platform as them?

Tamahar is not a one-woman army! It's reached it's place because of the contributions from so many people. All the children who come there, their parents, all the staff who work there. The trustees who have faith in us and all the people who have supported us with cash and kind. I had a vision when I founded Tamahar, but it needed this solid backing to function. I am just so glad that we found it! I salute all the people involved in making Tamahar what it is at the moment and the ones that will take it far. I sincerely want to share the Kalasha award given to me with all these people and let them know that their contributions haven't gone unnoticed!

Does Tamahar deserve this award? I think it does! Now, the challenge is to have many more Tamahars and support many more children and their families!

Sunday, 13 January 2013


It's so difficult in today's age if one is not up there with the lingo and the terms used when networking! USP for example, I had heard about it but wasn't sure what it meant! Till yesterday that is. And then it struck, Tamahar's USP?? If one wants to get an article written about any product, there should be a "unique USP" or else the newspapers look elsewhere! Every time I spoke to any journalist, the first question was, how is Tamahar different from the others. Well, I can think of many points, but did that count?

Yesterday, when I was thinking about some of the cuties at Tamahar, it suddenly struck me, Tamahar's USP, it was right there in front of me! We treat children coming to Tamahar as children! Not as children with special needs, or children with brain damage, or "Autistics" or "Cerebral Palsied" or "Mentally Retarded" or I can go on and on and on!

Our therapies do not divide the child's ability and learning time into "Time for Speech", "Time for Hand functions", "Time for Physical Exercise", or "Time for Learning"!! Our children learn to "listen" and "speak", "move their bodies", and "coordinate eye-hand movements", learn to "look around", "memorize", "almost at the same time. Each individual intervention session includes use of the total brain! How simple and how very effective it is! Our babies are progressing at an amazing rate. Some are getting ready to join Special Schools for academics, some are ready to enter Pre-school programs at regular inclusive schools! And, all this in a couple of years time! Some of the children came to Tamahar when their developmental age, or what is known as their ability to perform, was 9 months of development! To think that they were able to bridge a gap of 3-6 years in just 24 months tells us a lot of the ability of the brain to learn, given the correct conditions!

That is Tamahar's USP and I want to shout out loud over rooftops! Is anyone listening?