Monday, 13 July 2015

Giving a child a chance

Every child here is so different, but there is no lack of wonderful opportunities to allow them all to succeed.  Last Tuesday,  I was pleased to be invited to play badminton with the children. A mother and I took four young boys to the local sport centre to play. There, the boys were assisted by professional sports  coaches who ran a short warm up. The boys were then divided into two groups based on their abilities and taught accordingly. One group played over the court, trying to hit the shuttlecock over the net or catching it when it was thrown. The other group of boys could not play as well and so focused on how to hit the shuttlecock.

It was great to see the children be given an opportunity to do something that might not be available at home and also to allow them to succeed in something that is none academic. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience, laughing throughout. I could see their confidence and social levels rising throughout the hour and it is safe to say that we were all disappointed when it was time to leave!

It is vital to do these activities with the children,  to develop their motor skills but also to improve their self esteem, which is so important. No one can function well in society without some form of confidence in their own capabilities, whether that be in schooling or sport. Experiences like this one are enjoyable and allow the children to develop socially

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