Friday, 26 October 2012


Sometime last year or was it early this year, we had a bunch of kids interning with us from Symbi, Pune! I had absolutely no clue what kind of work I was gonna give them! Tamahar was just getting its wings, we were 2 years old! There was a lot to be done, and most of it from the children's rehabilitation technical point of view. So, what was I to expect or what experience was I to provide these Management students?! At the end of their 10 days, they had chosen their work, taught us a lot, and inspired this blog! Tamahar has been due to inspirations from many many people, and probably I was judgmental in feeling that only those people who were associated with the kind of work we do, and those associated with the kind of children we work with will have many inputs to give. How wrong I was, and how I stand corrected now!

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